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The need exists to change the current crypto space where the value of your project is only tied to hype and buying or selling the coin/token. Your project can fail instantly just by hype failing, one whale selling off their holdings,  or a pump and dump group coming through. In order to survive long-term, a cryptocurrency project needs to have a product/service that generates revenue and this needs to be what the value is based on.  This is what we are doing with Archie Metaverse. The demand for services provided in Archie Metaverse will drive the value of Archie Coin independent of the Crypto Market. 

            Archie Metaverse is a photo-realistic Metaverse beginning with the play to earn Archie Island which offers games and experiences in a photo-realistic virtual reality environment. Next will come e-commerce were actual products and services can be purchased in Archie Metaverse. And finally, a real estate component will be tied to actual properties in the real world represented in Archie Metaverse. The value of Archie Coin ($ARC) will be determined by the success of the Metaverse rather than buying and selling Archie Coin. As a result of Archie Coin gains value, so indirectly will the tokens listed on Archie Chain which will have liquidity tied to Wrapped Archie Coin (WARC)


THERE WILL BE A TOTAL OF 72 PROJECTS.  SEE MORE DETAILS AT : https://archienekonft.io/archiemeta


We will be releasing the Play2Earn Games and Entertainment section of the Metaverse first because this is something with which visitors are already familiar.  Our goal through gaming and entertainment is to get our visitors comfortable with a Web3 Virtual World in an environment that feels familiar. This will eventually make it easier for them to use the E-Commerce and Real Estate aspects of ArchieMeta as they come available in the next phases. 


People will have access to games, entertainment, conferences,  meeting spaces, conventions, trade shows, night clubs, private beaches, vehicles, sightseeing, and much more! All in a Virtual Reality Web3 environment!  These experiences, though Virtual, will be designed to feel real just like being in the real world through available VR technology such as headsets, suits, etc.


Section 1


Just as in the physical world, the Island of  Archie  has a city government. The city  government, housed in city hall, will be  responsible for powering metaverse utilities,  promoting economic development, and  public safety.


Section 2


Whether you want to go to a casino and play to win or want to take your family out for some entertainment, ArchieMeta has it all.  While you are in shooting range practicing, your kids can be in the game arcades.




One of the largest cruise ship to take you around the island while you dine or play in the 7-star Royal Archie Casino.  Enjoy the beaches and have a ride in your boat and a five star marina club.




If you just want to launch and play some games by yourself or with your friends, let ArchieGame be your playing ground  They’ll be great games for everyone’s enjoyment!