ArchieMeta NFT

ArchieMeta NFTs are created with one thing in mind. Affordability with added benefits to Archie holders. ArchieMeta NFTs are based of 3D Avatar photo realistic models from different parts of the world. 

First Avatar ArchieMeta NFT is called “AVA”

Total Number of “AVA” ArchieMeta NFT :  5000

Minting Price of Each “AVA” ArchieMeta NFT: .049 eth

Minting Site: https://archiemetanft.com/Mint_main


USE CASES of ArchieMeta NFT:

  1. Rentable to ArchieMeta Verse vistiors at a reasonable price.
  2. STAKE Along with Archie Token to receive a better APR.  Please check details in staking section for more details. https://archietoken.io/staking/NFT-Staking-(ArchieMetaNFT)-Coming-SOON
  3. Play and win in UBET project https://archietoken.io/service-details/UBET
  4. ArchieMeta Club benefits.  Refer to PDF: https://heyzine.com/flip-book/3505ace8d8.html
  5. FREE entry to Archie Metaverse for holding ARCHIE Tokens along with ArchieMeta NFT. 
  6. FREE $ARWD (Archie Meta Reward Tokens from Archie MetaVerse).

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