WeCareKitty NFT


WE CARE KITTY NFTs are being created mainly to help the Archie Foundation’s We Care Kitty Project. There will be a total of 10000 NFTs to be minted on the first phase showcasing different characters of a kitty. These NFTs will have extensive benefits such as our ArchiemetaNFT (club membership and rewards).


Total Number of WeCareKitty NFT : 10000

Minting Price of Each WeCareKitty NFT : .079 eth


USE CASES of ArchieMeta NFT:

  1. First and foremost, WeCareKitty NFT is created to help our WeCareKitty project of helping other kittens.  We do not want to sell our tokens which will cause our chart to go down or ask our holders for donations.  Instead, we created these unique NFTs and 33% of the proceedings from sale of WeCareKitty NFT will go towards the WeCareKitty Project.
  2. 20% will be used to BUY BACK our Circulating Supply and Burn to benefit our holders.
  3. STAKE Along with Archie Token to receive a better APR.  Please check details in staking section for more details. https://archietoken.io/staking/NFT-Staking-(ArchieMetaNFT)-Coming-SOON
  4. Play and win in UBET project https://archietoken.io/service-details/UBET
  5. ArchieMeta Club benefits.  Refer to PDF: https://heyzine.com/flip-book/3505ace8d8.html
  6. FREE entry to Archie Metaverse for holding ARCHIE Tokens along with ArchieMeta NFT. 
  7. FREE $ARWD (Archie Meta Reward Tokens from Archie MetaVerse).

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