As an added benefit as holder of Archie Token, we are offering our holders a unique staking platform.  We have set aside 10% (100 million) of our Archie Token for the staking pool.  While you are helping the project by locking your tokens in a staking pool, we want to thank you for your patronage and share part of our tokens to you.  There are no fees to use our dApp except for the little gas that you pay to stake or unstake.  Notably, ArchieChain is set at 4gwei for gas charge. 

There are no fees other than usual gas fees to send and receive tokens. 

Arc will be the gas fee on Archie Chain.

In the current staking pools, we are offering:

30 Days                 12% APY

90 Days                 18% APY

180 Days               24% APY

360 Days               30% APY

     10% Early Withdrawal Fee applies. See below for more details.

Please refer to our Archie Token Brochure for mroe details.


Min Archie Token to be staked: 100,000.

Staking rewards are calculated at the end of the staking pool time and user can withdraw their staking coins and rewards according to the pool they are in.

If the user wants to unstake amount before unstaking time, then 10% will be deducted as an early withdrawal fee and added to the staking pool, and also no reward will be allocated. Plan more detail is explained in the table

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