WeCareKitty Project

The story of Archie is true, the story of a cute, friendly, and fiercely loyal kitty. Founded in 2022, with a vision to generate wealth for a decentralized community in a safe and secure environment, leveraging Defi protocols and to impact the globe for good, thereby cherishing the memory of our beloved Archie.
The Archie Foundation reiterates our commitment to the welfare and upliftment of the weaker community to reflect our love and respect for each other.

The Vision

The vision of Archie Foundation was always to help the neediest . We have set aside 5% of our original Erc-20 Archie token and since the project was not doing that great, we have decided to hold it off. That being said, when we migrate to our new ARC Chain Archie, we will be bringing that money value to the Archie Foundation wallet along with an extra 5% from the new ARCHIE token on ARC Chain will also be added. We are focusing more on the kitties with new token.
We will be sponsoring kitties who are affected by sickness (especially leukemia) and homeless ones to find a cozy home for them. We will reach out to several animal shelters and rescue teams and comb the operation. Then again, we will not sell our token to hurt our chart to do that. Instead, we will use 33% of the NFT (we care kitty NFT) sales to do that.
Besides kitties, you will find detailed information about our foundations vision in the following pages.

Inspiring Role Model

Following up on the vision and mission of Archie, the Foundation along with a strong worldwide community will be the hands and feet to impact the world for good through SMART goals that will be reviewed quarterly with our investors. At Archie, we are driven by the potential of our business to touch the lives and shape the future. To achieve this goal, we did set aside 5% of tokens (500,000,000,000,000,000,000) from the total supply into the Foundation in our original Erc-20 Archie Token. We will migrate those token value to our new ARC Chain ARCHIE Token and add another 5% of the new ARCHIE Token to the wallet. We will not sell these tokens to hurt our chart in stead will use the money from the We Care Kitty NFT project as stated before.

Animal Rescue & Shelter

The Archie Foundation is named after our beloved cat Archie who left us untimely. We believe, it is our responsibility to support kitty welfare in whatever possible manner. We want to partner with NGOs and provide assistance to kitties in distress and emergency funding for life- saving veterinary care of low-income families. Too many families lose beloved pets and members of their families because of unexpected medical emergencies. The Archie Foundation addresses this need by providing emergency funding to low-income families. We would like to extend a helping hand and support through Service Providers of cat treatments, cat rescue and rehabilitation service.

Stay with children who are uniquely gifted

Our primary focus is to meet the needs of children with special needs in third-world countries and the inner cities of western nations, including the USA, where we hope to function as a non- governmental organization (NGO) or partner with other NGOs. We want to invest in the lives of children in impoverished regions to help with hunger, malnutrition, access to drinking water, sanitation, education, and last but not least, to stand in the gap to provide access to equipment for special needs.
We would also like to adopt deserving schools, as part of the mission to improve the academic standards of the differently abled children. This includes ensuring improvements in infrastructure, buying necessary classroom furniture, blackboards, desks and benches, toys – and consistent distribution of other school supplies.

Educating Girls, Empowering Women

Archie Foundation will give special emphasis to girls and women whether it’s helping educate to eradicate the stigma against girls, to educate girls, empower them to stand up for themselves and their kin. We will help fund women-owned businesses and help educate girls to provide equal opportunity and level the playing field. Funds will also be used to assist NGOs that are working against sex trafficking and violence against women.
Financial aid provided to disadvantaged children on a case-to-case basis is complemented by a sustained effort to improve the infrastructure and learning environment.

Looking forward: forging a sustainable CSR model

The CSR initiatives of Archie Foundation are drawn up by the enhanced CSR goals and include promotion of sustainable practices in schools. The “AchieNeko” Scholarships will be awarded to include assistance to girl children who show exceptional ability in maths and science subjects. This pioneering CSR initiative comes in the light of recent UN reports that say that women account for only 33% of world's researchers and are a minority in digital information technology, computing, physics, mathematics and engineering. From the funding of initiatives aligned with Archie Foundation, our objective has grown to embrace the larger goal of furthering the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG) through our CSR programmes.

Sponsoring: Villages

Another area of focus for the Archie Foundation will be to sponsor and uplift small villages in third-world countries. We will partner with NGOs to educate villages, build up small-scale industries in these villages to create jobs to help keep the population from migrating to the congested bigger cities. The foundation will look into partnerships with government and non- governmental agencies in order to meet the energy and internet connectivity needs in these villages, which we think will open up opportunities in a self-sustaining manner.